Bank Upload Help

Bank reconciliation is achieved by:

A) Open two PredictiveBooks browsers, one on top of the other.

B) In the top browser:

C) Download your bank transactions:

  1. Open a fresh browser window and log into your bank.
  2. Close the bank browser window when finished.

D) In the top browser:

  1. In the top frame: <Load> <Load Bank Spreadsheet>
  2. In the top frame: <Lookup> <Bank Upload> <Bank Upload>
  3. In the top frame:
  4. The bottom frame will be titled

    Update Bank Upload

  5. In the top frame:
  6. The bottom frame will be titled

    Sort Bank Upload

E) In the bottom browser's first tab:

  1. In the top frame: <Lookup> <Ledger> <Journal Ledger>
  2. Press <Submit>
  3. The bottom frame will be titled

    Update Journal Ledger

F) Process:

  1. The bank reconciliation process is to synchronize the Bank Running Balance in the top browser with your ledger's Balance in the bottom browser.
  2. Your Sort Bank Upload transactions will likely be out of order.
  3. Your Update Journal Ledger will likely be missing transactions.
  4. Repeat this process until every Bank Running Balance matches a corresponding Journal Ledger Balance.
  5. <Submit> your changes in the Sort Bank Upload screen.

G) Integrity Checks:

H) First Time Users:

Manually insert the first row into BANK_UPLOAD, setting the first bank_running_balance.